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Forfatter Emne: Alaneye's T2 bust  (Læst 970 gange)


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Alaneye's T2 bust
« Dato: Oktober 18, 2011, 11:58:46 am »

Day light pics:


pics of the 1st primed casting, not mine

First I sanded and polished all the bared machine parts:

I decided to add a doll's eye + LED lighting to it, so...

Doll lashes added and the eye piece puttied in with Tamiya Quick type (similar to Aves):

Will follow up with liquid putty (Mr. surfacer) and primer + steel wool...

Primed and ready to go...

Metals laid in.
Have to admit ..  I am quite satisfied with the luster...

Paint slinging time...

Basic flesh tone - then sponging up a basic texture:

Bruising and discoloration was painted in along the edges of the wounds.
Base flesh tone with transparent extender making it .. transparent; applied with air brush:

Messy Fleshy:

And some hair:

I used oils for detailing shadows and blood + painted the leather jacket in a basic brown.
This will of course be transformed to a used, black look...

Getting somewhere...

Blackish washes added layer on layer to reach a leathery look.
Metal details; buttons and zippers painted silver then washed.
T-shirt painted basic bluish gray, given a wash with sepia/black then dry brushed with grays and white.
Red LED added and open edges covered with transparent gel (the white stuff).

Almost finished...

Left to do:
-Battery installment in the base + felt underneath.
-Trimming the eye lashes and detail the eye area.
-Final touch ups.